9:30 - 10:30

Working Smarter ---------------------------------------- Dean ShareskiGreen Screen Video Projects --------------------------- Joan BadgerI'd Rather Be Geocaching ------------------------ Sandy WelbergenConnecting & Sharing --------------- Anita Lesage & Meghan ReidQuick. Create! --------------------------------------- Darren Kuropatwa

10:45 - 11:45

#eduphotoaday ----------------------- Erin Malkoske & Jeff HoeppnerSong Mosaics --------------------------------------------------- Ryan MillerKinder Konnect ----------------------------------------------- Connie LoweThe Plight of the Polar Bears ------------------------------ Andy McKiel

11:45 - 12:30

Over lunch, participants will have an opportunity to request topics or pitch ideas for the afternoon unconference sessions.Visit the Unconference page for the schedule and details.

Session Descriptions

Working Smarter...exploring the tools and strategies of productivity
Facilitator: Dean Shareski
Room # 314
As Clay Shirky says, "It's not information overload, it's filter failure." Being productive has always been adesired skill but it is now more essential than ever. This workshop explores the tools and techniques that help filter ideas and work flow to make you a more productive learner.

Green Screen Video Projects
Facilitator: Joan Badger
Room # 315
Students can bring their creative stories to life by making their own videos. This session will show how students can demonstrate their learning by planning and creating videos in iMovie using green screen technology. Feel free to bring your laptop to the session for a more hands on experience!

I'd Rather Be Geocaching
Facilitator: Sandy Welbergen
Room # 316
Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure-hunting game that uses GPS and/or GPS enabled devices. The sport integrates technology with the outdoors, is suitable for all ages, and doesn't need to be limited to the Phys Ed or Social Studies classroom. "I'd Rather be Geocaching" will teach you the basics about this rapidly growing past-time and give you guidance on how to adapt it for use with your students.

Connecting & Sharing
Facilitator: Anita Lesage & Meghan Reid
Room # 317
Anita and Meghan are excited to share their resources, experiences and knowledge on using technology to connect and share in the classroom. They will be sharing the best web apps for your classroom, a global collaboration experience, and a peek into Google’s extensive resources. This one-hour session will have you covered with resources galore for the classroom, to connect and share and to collaborate in an easy, efficient way.

Quick. Create!
Facilitator: Darren Kuropatwa
Room # 318
Albert Einstein said: “Play is the highest form of research.” We’re going to do some serious research into the potential of mobile devices for learning. First we’ll play. Then we’ll learn by unpacking the things we did while playing. Expect to be out of your seat and learning with others in this high impact, fun and educational session exploring practical ways mobile devices can be used to help students learn and share their learning with the world. Don’t forget to bring along a smartphone or tablet!

Facilitator: Erin Malkoske & Jeff Hoeppner
Room # 314
The #eduphotoaday project is all about encouraging students, teachers, classrooms and schools across Manitoba and around the world to take and share pictures. Every day, participants share photos around a common hashtag (for example: #rainbow, #time or #smile) and creativity flourishes. In the first month of the #eduphotoaday challenge, over 1200 images have been shared amongst the #eduphotoadaymay community! Participants in this session will discover how to get started and even some lessons learned by Erin & Jeff as they've gotten this project off the ground. You'll want to participate along with your students in the #eduphotoadayjune challenge!

Song Mosaics
Facilitator: Ryan Miller
Room # 315
This session will showcase the use of songwriting and music as a vehicle for teaching and learning. Through each of the highlighted projects, students have been empowered to express their learning of educational content through the entire process of songwriting, sound recording and video production. These projects are a true representation of student engagement in action and will serve to inspire other educators to embrace their own talents in developing authentic programming for students.

Kinder Konnect
Facilitator: Connie Lowe
Room # 316
Participants in this session will discover the many advantages that can be realized by creating and maintaining a classroom blog. Not only will parents have a better sense of the learning that's taking place in your classroom, but your students will also be motivated by the ability to share their learning with an online audience.

The Plight of the Polar Bears
Facilitator: Andy McKiel
Room # P107
Spending time on the tundra coming face to face with migrating polar bears changes lives - forever. This session will provide an opportunity to discover how one individual's journey to Churchill has paved the way for students and teachers around the world to learn about issues that impact Manitoba's polar bear population and take action to support these majestic animals. Even though you and your students may never have a chance to visit Churchill, there are ways that you can make a difference in the plight of the polar bears.